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Intellectual property rights, which is a branch of law that has emerged recently, aims to protect intellectual labor products with financial value. As a consequence of that “The Paris Convention (20 March 1883)” appears as the first contract for the protection of Industrial Property. The Paris Convention has 2 basic elements. The first one is the “national treatment principle” (milli muamele ilkesi) which is the requirement to provide the same opportunities to all member states. The other basic element is “priority right” (rüçhan hakkı).


What is WIPO?

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) is the most prominent of the international organizations established to manage a balanced and accessible intellectual property system in the world.

The main purpose of WIPO is to carry out studies for the effective protection of property rights all over the world and to provide administrative cooperation in establishment property associations in accordance with the treaties managed by WIPO.

What is the Patent Right?

Patent right gives the inventor (who registered the right) to prevent others from producing, using or selling the invention for a certain period without the permission of the inventor.

What is Trademark Registration?

Trademark registration indicates the ownership of the product or service provided. Mostly they stand out visually, especially when we can use the trademark registration for logos.

Intellectual property rights are basically for the purpose of protecting the inventions. They provide protection to your any kind of genuine creation. This protection is as important as the creation of the project.

Author: Ece AKYOL



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