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Fashion law, in other words, apparel law is a unique and specialized field of law that covers legal issues related to the fashion industry and the business of fashion. It deals with issues from the designing and production of a garment to brand protection. It is a very young area of law and it includes legal issues of designers, fashion houses, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, importers, modeling agencies, photographers and other fashion-related businesses.

The most common issues that fashion law deals with related to the protection of intellectual property. It is a broad subject including copyright protection, trademark infringement and counterfeit goods, the use of patents. Fashion law also includes financing and corporate structures, manufacturing of goods, marketing, retail, ethics, sustainability, consumer culture and international trade.

Today, fashion law is rapidly growing. We live in a digital age that the internet plays a significant role in our lives. Because of this, the number of issues related to design piracy and copycat litigation has risen recently. Therefore designers and fashion brands need more legal advice and protection specific to fashion law.

Fashion attorneys work in every aspect of the business of fashion. They give advice to clients on legal issues from licensing, merchandising, distribution, and franchising agreements to intellectual property, employment, and labor relation issues. They have a broad range of duties.

Author: İlkim Nira YERLİKAYA



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