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French luxury fashion house Christian Dior was sued by an Instagram fashion influencer for copyright infringement, alleging that her photos were used in Dior's lookbook.


The account with the Instagram user name SwedishandStylish has 168K followers and you can find images of many luxury fashion brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Dior on this account. The account contains images where the account holder face is heavily hidden and products stand out.

SwedishandStylish filed a complaint in the New York District Court on March 9, 2020, against Christian Dior, citing two allegations of copyright infringement, against the use of two images in the brand's lookbooks.

“By failing to obtain authorization from the copyright owner to use the photos or to compensate the copyright owner for [its] use [of the images],” which are “wholly original” and subject to registrations with the U.S. Copyright Office, Swedishandstylish LLC asserts that Dior “has avoided payment of license fees and other financial costs associated with obtaining permission to exploit the infringed photographs, as well as the restrictions to which the copyright owner is entitled to and would place on any such exploitation, including the right to deny permission altogether.”

SwedishandStyle, asked the court for financial compensation based on fashion law and the recalling of any product, work or other material that contains, copies, derives from, or otherwise embodies one or both photographs. Dior was ordered to destroy or hand over all returned materials to be destroyed.



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